Four Main Components In A Body Paragraph For Research Paper

Many students come across research papers during their time in academia. They are most commonly found during their college and high school years, and research papers are extremely helpful in teaching students the importance of providing evidence to support your viewpoint, along with being able to analyze opposing viewpoints. In this article, we will discuss the four main components in a body paragraphs that you must include to enjoy success in your work.


Well, this one is obvious. You need to include evidence to support the point you are making an argument for. The sources you use must be from reputable sources, and so many students choose to use empirical studies that back up their viewpoint.

The best way to find such studies is through your university’s faculty website, which will host papers published by your own professors, or through an academic journal related to the subject you are writing about.

When you include sources in your paper, you need to ensure that you note each and every one of them down in your bibliography, which comes at the end of your work.

Opposing Viewpoints

Analyzing dissenting viewpoints to your own is a crucial aspect of research papers. If you do not include this then the chances of your scoring high drastically go down. To analyze opposing views, you need answer questions such as:

Background Information

Along with viewpoints, another pivotal part many students dismiss entirely is the background context of your topic. You need to include this preferably at the start of your body paragraphs, before you delve into your own analysis, as it will provide a logical structure to your work.


The structure of your work is extremely important. Your work needs to be formatted properly; every university has their own guidelines on formatting, so make sure to read this before submitting your paper.

The sentences within your paragraphs should be connected and follow on from each other. The best way to do this is by using transition phrases so that your work flows smoothly.

If you make sure to include these four components in the body of your paper, you will score very well in your work and achieve a lot of success during your academic career. Make sure to adopt these practices for every piece of writing you do.

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